Planet Renovation Capital’s in-house underwriting team quickly reviews your project. Fast approval, fast closing, competitive rates.

What we finance

Renovations of non-owner-occupied, vacant single and 2-4 Family and Condo properties

Rates and Terms

Interest-only starting at market value (interest rates vary) for a 1-year term with 1.5 points.  Lowest rates go to the most experienced investors. No prepayment penalties.



Closing Costs

Borrowers pay lender settlement fees, appraisal, title insurance, recording costs, mortgage taxes.

How much we lend

$100,000 to $1.5 million. Up to 90% of purchase price (as-is value), 70% of as-repaired value for qualified borrowers.




Instant term sheets and conditional approval. Funding as fast as 7 days. Reliable capital keeps projects moving forward  for corporations and LLCs.


Expert Advice

Our leadership team has more than three decades of successful experience in fix and flip and renovation mortgage lending.

Would You Like to Become a Client?

Strong partnerships are the corner of our success at Planet Renovation Capital. We serve experienced investors looking for renovation funding for non-owner-occupied properties. Prompt, responsive service. Flexible and unique loan structures and terms In-house underwriting. Fast approvals and closings. Competitive rates.

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